is an easy to use web application developed for the public by the City of Encinitas.

What can I find?

The map will launch to the property selected and will give you information about:

SERVICES & AMENITIES: points of interest, parks, beaches, trails, schools, churches, districts - ADDRESS & BUSINESS INFO - LAND RECORDS - PERMITS - OWNER INFO - SEWER - WATER - STORMWATER - PUBLIC SAFETY - ZONING

How can I find it?

To get started, simply type in an Encinitas address, then click the tabs across the top of the application.

How do I get to more detail?

(including access to the interactive zoning map) You can find Zoning regulation detail (the interactive zoning map) by clicking on the Zoning designation in the Services & Amenities tab. You can find Land Records detail by clicking on the Land Records button on the Land Records tab.

   (Example: 505 Vulcan Ave)
   (Example: 2580904300)